Image-metrics: Face Animation; So Real – So Easy

A bold new technology for the metaverse... wow... a key technology for the metaverse is already here. "you will not be able to figure what is true and what is false".In the DLD conference .. I have seen the future. Image Metrics -- a company in Manchester, United Kingdom -- following 10 years of reserach … Continue reading Image-metrics: Face Animation; So Real – So Easy

The one laptop per child (The $100 machine)

"It's an education project, not a laptop project."Nicholas NegroponteOur goal: To provide children around the world with new opportunities to explore, experiment and express themselves. read more OK.... I have seen it... and the vision is near. Note that the network is really a mesh network... which means each computer is like a little hub. … Continue reading The one laptop per child (The $100 machine)

DLD Conference

I had the pleasure of attending the amzing DLD conference in Munich. DLD (Digital, Life, Design) is Europe's conference for the 21st century; covering digital innovation, gaming, arts and science and bringing together thought leaders from Europe, the Middle-East, America and Asia. The conference site is full of information see it