New issue of the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research on: Consumer Behavior in Virtual Worlds

I am happy to report on the release of a new issue of the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research ( on the theme of “Consumer Behavior in Virtual Worlds” with 5 peer reviewed articles, 3 non-peer reviewed research papers, and 6 brief think pieces. The second issue was edited by Natalie Wood and Caja Thimm.

Editor’s Corner

Guest Editor’s Introduction
Natalie Wood

Peer Reviewed Research Papers

Consuming Code: Use-Value, Exchange-Value, and the Role of Virtual Goods in Second Life
Jennifer Martin
Abstract | PDF
Virtual World Affordances: Enhancing Brand Value
So Ra Park, Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah, David DeWester, Brenda Eschenbrenner, Sunran Jeon
Abstract | PDF
On the Relationship between My Avatar and Myself
Paul R Messinger, Xin Ge, Eleni Stroulia, Kelly Lyons, Kristen Smirnov, Michael Bone
Abstract | PDF
The Social Construction of Virtual Reality and the Stigmatized Identity of the Newbie
Robert E. Boostrom, Jr.
Abstract | PDF
The “New” Virtual Consumer: Exploring the Experiences of New Users
Lyle R Wetsch
Abstract | PDF

Research Papers

Ugly Duckling by Day, Super Model by Night: The Influence of Body Image on the Use of Virtual Worlds
Enrique Becerra, Mary Ann Stutts
Abstract | PDF
Symbolic and Experiential Consumption of Body in Virtual Worlds: from (Dis)Embodiment to Symembodiment
Handan Vicdan, Ebru Ulusoy
Abstract | PDF
Demographics of Virtual Worlds
Jeremiah Spence
Abstract | PDF

“Think pieces”

Surveillance, Consumers, and Virtual Worlds
Douglas R Dechow
Abstract | PDF
Second Life and Hyperreality
Michel Maffesoli
Abstract | PDF
Having But Not Holding: Consumerism & Commodification in Second Life
Lori Landay
Abstract | PDF
Metaverse: A New Dimension?
Yohan Launay, Nicolas Mas
Abstract | PDF
Virtual Worlds Research: Global X Local Agendas
Gilson Schwartz
Abstract | PDF
Real Virtual Worlds SOS (State of Standards) Q3-2008
Yesha Sivan
Abstract | PDF

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