Best Virtual Worlds Movie to date… AMAZING… demo of LLMEDIA
This is the best movie I have seen to date of virtual worlds. Not only fun to watch… but also demonstratea high-end technology (really something that was possible long ago but only now practical). Imagine meaning for collaboration, teaching, demos, sales etc.

Ability to see all the content in world… wow…

From you tube description:

Logging into Second Life, within Second Life, using the LLmedia VNC plug-in!

Video produced to go with the interview at…

Filmed on location in “Kernow” my home island in Second Life, visitors welcome 🙂…

Music: Glittering Cloud, by Imogen Heap

3D3C Identity: A Key Force in Theory, Practice, and Infrastructure as part of the Global SLACTION conference Sep 24,25

As part of the SLACTONS 2009 global conference (Sept 24,25) I will give a short intro talk about the issue of identity. This is an intro review to the issue which will be given in-world in Second Life.

Look at the program page

World Times:
California 25th — 11:00
Texas 25th — 13:00
São Paulo/ Rio Grande do Sul 25th — 15:00
Portugal/UK 25th — 19:00
Finland/ Israel 25th — 21:00
Hong Kong 25th-26th — 02:00