Report on iOS4 Install

This is a short report on my own personal exprience upgrading my iPhone 3GS to the new iOS4.
As yo know, I use my iPhone mostly as testing machine. I’m still connected to Nokia e61 as my main phone (!).

Still, my iPhone is my main email machine, News reader, Kindle book reader, music player, camera, and more. In short I use my iPhone a lot.

Steps (with some reflection)
1. (8:00am) Loading new iTunes.
2. Complete back up of iPhone
3. Loading iOS4 (a bit of problems accessing apple site… but it worked at the end)
4. Updating phone itself.
5. Loading back content into iPhone.
6. (9:00am) Done.

Once you click on the iTubes update — all is automatic.

New iOS perks:
1. Dbl click on action button to see all open apps. [later video of iPhone 4 demo it, I learned a lot from this video re the features of iOS4)
2. Mail has threads — cool.
3. Camara has zoom (x 5 times) — cool.
4. Skype seems to not like new system (says so) but it works fine — loading Skype still kills music. They should fix that.
5. Lost my podcasts in the process (as well as other content). Music seems to be OK. — not so cool.
6. iPhone has two background images. for home screen and for lock screen. I used the water drops for main screen — gives me a feel of iPhone 4.
7. iBook application — free. Works well, better that Amazon Kindle on iPhone, include also a Free dictionary.
8. Folders — cool. Just drag one app onto another… iOS4 will put them it into a folder and suggest a name for that folder — cool.
9.Lock rotation. A new feature allows you to stop auto-rotation. This is very useful feature of you read in bed. To get to this feature dbl click on the action button, scroll to the left. and click on the icon. — very cool.
10. Next movie — while on iPhone 4 — demo some of these perks.

Have fun,

Taking the ride with Philip at Second Life (return as interim CEO)

Yesha to take the ride with Philip (SLCC 2008).

First the news (big for me) then some reflection.
From this official Linden Lab page:

Mark Kingdon is going to step down as CEO, and I am going to return as interim CEO, working side-by-side with former CFO Bob Komin, who is being promoted to COO.

This is a big, tough change but one the board of directors and management team deeply believes in. We owe Mark great thanks for the many things we’ve accomplished in these last two years — most notably a great improvement in the stability of Second Life, and also the hiring and nurturing of a strong team of new leaders who are now ready to do some amazing work together.

This is big (as Philip Rosedale says). This item is of course linked to the major downsizing — perhaps right sizing — and of course, to the decline in the value of Linden Dollar.

My basic take: the direction of making second life a 3D Facebook is not working. Why? because we have Facebook for Facebook, and because infrastructure does not support it yet. Board have seen that — and they want change.

I still think that Second Life is the best real 3D3C virtual world we have to date. I think it is a great for experimentation, education, testing, learning, some minor work, etc.  It is FAAAR from being ready and able for prime market. Further, people attention today is in Facebook (not to say Farmville), iPhones and iPads.

Is Philip Linden a novice?

I’m looking forward to Phillip direction. While I wish this return is like “Steve Jobs returning to apple” , I think the challenge is different. While Philip is not a novice in Second Life (despite what his bubble says), I think he has a difficult and complex challenge. Core is key. Make Second Life what it can be a 3D world.

Goog Luck.

Yesha to meet with Minister Michael Eitan and Dr. Jeffrey Jaffe, W3C CEO

From right to left: Dr. Jeffrey Jaffe, the CEO of the W3C, Dr. Yesha Sivan, Head of W3C office in Israel, Minister Michael Eitan, and Eyal Sela, project manager of ISOC Israel.

In my role as the head of the W3C office in Israel I had the pleasure of spending the day with Dr. Jeffrey Jaffe, the CEO of the W3C. You may not be aware to the role W3C has in our lives. In essence, W3C is responsible for the software layer of the web (while ISOC is dealing with the pipes). While, W3C is best known for “developing” HTML and XML, in fact, W3C has more than 70 different working groups, dealing with various aspects of the web.

Key to our discussion was of course the issue of standards. More specifically, how we can make the W3C a better place for small scale standards. Jeff had an extensive blog post here: Making W3C the Best Place for New Standards Work.

More about Jeff visit in Israel see this item which include two videos of Jeff talk to CIO’s and Jeff talk to innovators at the garage geeks.

600,000 iPhone 4s pre-ordered, Apple apologizes for issues

According to engadget 600,000 iPhone 4 were pre-ordered. An amazing number for ONE DAY.

This is what Apple had to say:
Here’s Apple’s full statement:

Yesterday Apple and its carrier partners took pre-orders for more than 600,000 of Apple’s new iPhone 4. It was the largest number of pre-orders Apple has ever taken in a single day and was far higher than we anticipated, resulting in many order and approval system malfunctions. Many customers were turned away or abandoned the process in frustration. We apologize to everyone who encountered difficulties, and hope that they will try again or visit an Apple or carrier store once the iPhone 4 is in stock.

Bottom Line: if we have good technology with perceived value (thank you Mr. Jobs) people will gulp it.
By the way, while I have an iPhone 3gs I still work with my Nokia e61e.