Futures – a new issue by the JVWR is published

We are happy to announce the publication of a NEW ISSUE from the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research (JVWR):

Volume 8, Number 2:



Issue Editor: Yesha Sivan, Coller Institute of Venture, Tel Aviv University, Israel; Scool of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic Univiersity, HK.
This issue presents six papers, each reflecting on one angle to the future of virtual worlds: Four concrete views relating to bots, head mounted displays (HMD), neuroscience and meditation, and eSports; as well as two theoretical views relating to the focus of virtual worlds research and looking at virtual worlds as a mediator between “technology trends” and the “digital transformation of society and business.”
From 2015 point of view: The virtual is becoming the real and the real is becoming the virtual.


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Prof. Yesha Y. Sivan

Editor In-Chief

TheJVWR – The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research

Futures Vol. 8, No. 2

17-Oct-2015: Open Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Government Policy, Society & Technology

I will talk about The Global Venture Ecosystem and Its Implications to Hong Kong.
It is the opening lecture (13:10), free of charge (with registration).

See more details in the flyer images below.

Date: Saturday, October 17, 2015
Time: 13:00 – 18:00
Place: Room V322 – The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Innovation Tower (V core).

The forum about Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Government Policy, Society & Technology. Economic growth in developed nations embraces innovation. Nowadays entrepreneurs, enterprises, and governments all need to collaborate together to shape new competitive ecosystems. Different countries would have their own unique experience and practice dealing with such innovation and entrepreneurship.

The forum invites leading international scholars, industry practitioners, and people from legislative and public sectors to share their opinions on how government policy may contribute toward the success of a society by development or adoption of technology.

Click here for Registration

3..5-Nov-2015: Come to meet me at Hong Kong AVCJ Forum

Welcome to the 28th Annual AVCJ Private Equity & Venture Forum!

Prof. Yesha Sivan participates in The Venture Capital Summit which is a 1-day event being held on the 3rd November 2015. A one-day interactive programme addressing the key trends affecting the venture capital industry across Asia.

I will talk on the panel The global dragon hunt: Tracking down tomorrow’s trailblazing entrepreneurs (Tuesday, November 3 at 11.45am – 12.30pm.)
Every VC is on the lookout for the next bright young things with game-changing innovations. Yet VCs have to wade through a myriad of underdeveloped ideas, unproven concepts, and inspired commercial inspirations, all the time vying with their peers to strike the best early stage deals. What sets apart the true VC leaders who can predict technologies that win tomorrow’s markets to create the future Fortune 500, and can they really only succeed through a global trek to find the best of the best?

  • How do the best entrepreneurs and opportunities differ by region, and are incubators, tech hubs and university campuses the best place to encounter them?
  • Do great innovative companies grow, evolve, and build talent for the long haul by snapping up other successful start-ups?
  • Why do inspired, creative, independent minds choose to work with VCs?
  • Is the fast pace of innovation across IT, mobile communications, social media and the internet of things simply overloading VCs?
  • How is competition from the big name tech firms affecting VCs ability to win deals at a realistic valuation?

The AVCJ Forum is the leading private equity and venture capital event in Asia. For 28 consecutive years, the AVCJ Forum has been the chosen platform where private equity’s leading figures share their views on the Global and Asian market, debate their predictions and set the trends that shape the future of investments in the industry. Attended by a thousand senior delegates, the AVCJ Forum is the center of a week long ecosystem of investor meetings, VIP dinners and other high-level networking events that are supported by the biggest and most influential firms in the alternative assets industry.

The 28th Annual AVCJ Private Equity & Venture Forum is the largest and most influential gathering of private equity and venture professionals in Asia. It has 4 different summits held between 3 – 5 November, 2015 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong.

Full programme

More details & registration at the AVCJ Forum site

Also please note our own research-practice conference on the Future of Venture in Hong Kong on Friday, November 6th, 2015.

In this event we are asking:
  • How new firms can be created more effectively,
  • How we cause investors to gain more value with less risk,
  • How we encourage LPs to invest more, again with more certainty,
  • and What are the right government policies to make it so.

See more details and registration in http://www.collerinstituteofventure.org/civ2015hk/

06-Nov-2015: CIV2015HK The Future of Venture

I’m especially happy to connect my work on the Future of Venture and the work I do in HK.
CIV2015HK is Coller Institute of Venture prime annual research/practice event. We are bringing top industry and academia experts to one of the best venues (cyberport) in the one of best cities in the world (Hong Kong).

CIV2015HK Bloomerg Ad (20% discount code CP-2025)

Over 20 speakers, 5 sessions, 3 co-events, key sponsors, good people (over 50 people are already signed up), and relaxed (yes, mindful) spirit — all — to allow us to think creatively about the venture focusing on :

  • How new firms can be created more effectively,
  • How we cause investors to gain more value with less risk,
  • How we encourage LPs to invest more, again with more certainty 
  • and What are the right government policies to make it so.

All the details:

  • Conference site: http://www.collerinstituteofventure.org/civ2015hk/
  • Registration (last tab) you can use the 20% discount promotional code YS3527
  • See our research co-event on Sat Nov 7th. With top researches.
  • See our HK GOV IT workshop  co-event on :how IT can connect with Venture” (by invite only).
  • See AVCJ conference — one of the biggest industry events in HK on 2-5 Nov — http://www.avcjforum.com/

Registration: http://www.collerinstituteofventure.org/civ2015hk/#Register
Need more details: email noa AT collerinstituteofventure.org

Looking forward to seeing you in HK Nov 6th.

26-Jun-2015 (HK): EMMI Forum: Nurturing Innovation Leaders

Date: Friday, June 26, 2015
Time: 12:00 – 14:30
Venue: Jockey Club Tower (Design School) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Free by invitation.

Together with my esteemed colleagues I will give a lecture about China firms connecting with Israel:

  • Why McKinsey bought a top design firm? / Prof. Cees de Bont, Dean of School of Design, PolyU
  • Innovation at Stanford Research International (SRI) / Mr. Michael Bruck, SRI International
  • Why Alibaba, Baidu, Foson, Lenovo, Xiaomi and Li Ka-shing are investing in Israel? / Prof. Yesha Sivan, Programme Director of EMMI, PolyU

*** Discussion and Networking with EMMI Leaders

Hong Kong ranks 2nd in World Competitiveness

A recent survey by IMD positioned Hong Kong (China) as the 2nd most
competitive place to conduct business in the world.

Innovation is a Key Driver: Continuous success in the 21st Century, from sustainable competitiveness and economic growth to quality of work and life, will depend on innovation.

How do we join the ride and become Innovation Leaders in the private, public, or government sectors?

Join us at the Executive Master in Meaningful Innovation (EMMI),
a high level, high impact, interdisciplinary master level programme,
designed to nurture innovation leaders.

Come to our EMMI Forum to learn more about the programme, and hear from top leaders for their views on nurturing innovation leaders – for the benefit of individuals, organisations, and society at large.

To sign up to the event here.
For more info about EMMI see http://www.polyudesign.com/emmi/.