Gmail: the Email Program for Me

This video explore GMail. And.. yes GMail has changed my life.
GMail is not just another email program. It is different, better, smarter. Note that GMail does take some time to get used to it (especially if you are an old Outlook addict like myself). Cool features include being able to pull email from all my accounts, interactive folders (using search), and yes amazing spam manager. What I like espeically:

  • Ability to connect with my mobile phone.
  • Ability to search — in the usual Google speed.
  • Auto filters.
  • Spam Killer (it is a bit too strong which makes me visit the spam folder once a week)
  • Conversations.
  • Build-in chat (including Voice mail)

Btw, with Google Desktop search (yes Gmail is integrated with Google Desktop serach) one could even have minimal off-line capabilities.

Second Life to cancel First Land — is not the issue; PERFORMANCE is.

Effective immediately Second Life will cancel the First Land option.

To those not familiar: Second Life gave new premium users the ability to buy inexpensive 512 sqm plots land for just L$512. Yet with more users.. this was abused… many people opened alt (alternative) avatars. Purchase the land and then sold it. it was killing the economy).My analysis: First land was abused; and thus no longer relevant; it is a good move. It makes life simple.

BUT I have a very big but.

BUT PEOPLE… any time we react to Linden Labs we must stress PERFORMANCE. Not first land; not support; not my second life; not anything. Any time Linden is talking about such things — we should direct them back. Talk about databases; speed; reliability. Then we will trust you more. (and you have done an amazing job until now — but you are building an economy here /me begs Linden to make the system work).