Second Life: New Web Based Search

As I was preparing a talk about Virtual Worlds search I was happy to see that Second Life now supports results on the web. There are few bugs — but it is working. This has a lot of potential. I like it. (to get the url, go to the new search in-world, and copy the url from the lower part of the results).


Very good 3D tools compare table

TDT3D is now offering an updated comparison table of 3D tools. I have looked at it few times and they guy is updating the list from time to time. (another good source is of course the compare table of the CG Society ): Here’s what the author says:

If you ever wanted starting in 3D creation today, you probably need to know with which 3D applications package with you will feel better and which is the most suitable for you and business ?

Many new CG artists try many softwares before really starting their 3D business, that’s of courses the best solution to try out and know if you feel coMfortable with one than other, so after you can’t know all specs of all 3D softwares when starting in 3D…

Here is a comparison table with cons. and pro. for the most know today top industries 3D applications. This table isn’t intended to be complete with all softwares features available but try to surround the common today 3D cg artist tasks.

Summary Table:

3ds max By far the most well know and used 3D dcc applications in the industries all around the world, so the prices for freelance is too much expenssive and old core based. The Bad since version 7 is the price vs poor new features, evolving !
Maya One of the most know by popularity in the Film and VFX industries. Maya downside’s is on learning curve interface not intuitive and !
Blender A good all around application first for freelance. Blender downside’s is on interface, who is not today “industries” common (no drag & drop, poor intuitive tools,…) and structured / centralised documentations, so it’s the best free all arround solution.
Modo Probably the most modern 3D software and it is being developed rapidly. Very affordable and has a super strong user community. Multi-threading and a super flexible user interface And 3D sculpting tools!
Cinema4D Very good all around application suitable for freelance/designer best quality tools for the price ! Not enough popular yet !
LightWave An old but very powerful suitable first for VFX and VIZ market. LightWave downside’s is on Rig tools, so Render engine and shaders are the best you can found !
Softimage XSI No doubt for the prices the Foundation is the best all around, so Imports/Exports is the dark side, but for 450 euro you can’t get better (exlude Blender for free !)

Meet me at Virtual Worlds 2008, NYC Apr 3-4

This year seems to be a lot of new and old people in the big Apple.

The focus this is: The Future of Media, Marketing and Entertainment

Virtual Worlds 2008 is where leading media, consumer entertainment, youth brands and agencies come to understand how to monetize their intellectual property using virtual worlds.

Entertainment brands and youth-oriented companies are increasingly integrating virtual worlds into their product mix. Forward thinking brand advertisers and agencies are aligning themselves with high-quality virtual worlds franchises in order to further engage consumers.

“We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us.” Thus wrote Marshall McLuhan, author
of “Understanding the Media.” We can consider “Real Virtual Worlds” (AKA the Metaverse) as a new tool, a new medium, crawling and advancing, preparing to pounce on us in the next years. A medium combining entertainment, learning and work into one experience – that is its power and therein its danger.