Jira: best software to manage issues

2 years ago I was looking for a bug and issue tracking software. Excel simply did not have enough cells. There were few options and we chose Jira (www.jira.com) Atlassian Software from — something in their web site looked good. We installed the software, it looked good, paid the very low fee (I think it was around $2000 or s0) and started to work.

Well, my life as a manager were transformed. !!! I’m very happy. The software simply work and work and work. In 24 months we turn to Jira to manage all that we do. From mnagaging install for new computers, to manageing partners, clients, and our own internal team. There are endless options to modify the Jira to your needs.

You will need to invest 2-3 hrs learning the software — but once you get it — you will have a friend for life. I love it.

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