Elf Clan to leave Second Life due to system instability

Elf ClanTavern with Odil, Pypo,Wayfinder, Schlitzie and otherfriends.

This is a sad Metaverse story. What can happen if a Metaverse is all about hype and lack meaning. The story is quated here (lots of more details in the site).

From Nov 2004-Nov 2006 Elf Clan was the premiere fantasy group of Second Life, a virtual community.

Founder: Wayfinder Wishbringer the “Eldar” of the High Elven Race. In addition to High Elven could be found our loyal allies the Orc, Dragonkin, Pixies, Mer, Drow and yes, even Human, all living in harmony.

Elf Clan was a very friendly group, void of the eliteism found in many elven and medieval groups. All members were considered as “equals”, our primary creed that of honor, loyalty, respect and integrity. Elf Clan was a beneavolent monarchy in operation (in keeping true to Elven Lore). A High Counsel assisted the Eldar in group operation.

We sponsored many interesting activities, including archery tournaments (with working virtual bows and arrows), BattleMace ™ competitions, Drum Circle Dances (the drum circle was created specifically for Elf Clan by master builder Robbie Dingo), SkyHigh Races (including little critters, tiny snails, wolves and unicorn races, with much thanks to Prim Mage RacerX Gullwing), and various other games and contests. In addition, our offshoot branch, the tiny “Rabid Elves” group enjoyed invading the war-like Jesse sim (be afwaid. Be vewy afwaid).

The home of Elf Clan was ElvenMyst sim, a residential land of grace and beauty and a fascinating fantasy-theme market with both above- ground and underground merchants (literally).

Nov 2006 Elf Clan ceased financial support of the Second Life platform due to system instability and lack of responsiveness from the host company. The group and lands are still remembered fondly by those who visited. Information regarding these matters is contained on additional pages.

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