Second Life is DOWN! (yet again)

Ok…so I have few things going in Second Life: courses, businesses, research etc.
To all my partners and colaborates be aware… this thing is BUGGY: and at times it does not work. LIKE NOW…. I am so PISSED. I had set a meeting with a very important person; waited for this for 10 days! and Linden Lab… says on Linden blog:

[UPDATE 11:22am PST] Our network issues are still under investigation.
Please refrain from moving items to/from your inventory and thank you for your
continuing patience. -Jean

[UPDATE 10:13am PST] We are still hammering away! Unfortunately we currently have no further information however please continue to refrain from moving items to/from your inventory. We will keep you updated. -Jean

[UPDATE: 9:08am PST] Our techs are hard at work isolating the cause of the current network issues. Whilst investigations are underway, please continue to refrain from performing asset-related activities such as moving items to/from your inventory. We’ll continue to update the blog with further details as they come to hand.

I am sharing this with you so you will know.
And Linden Labs: STABILITY!!!!! Hello!!!!

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