Jan 2007 Stats for Second Life — I love it

Linden Labs (wow I love you guys and hate you too) have publish the most comprehensive report on second life economy. It is listed in their blog under State of the Virtual World – Key Metrics, January 2007.

What is even more interesting is their spreadsheet Excel Workbook posted here.

Key points:

  • Number of users: 3m or 2m or maybe just 57,000?
  • Land — lots of it.
  • Man vs woman (note that it is hours used and not actual count)
  • Counties

Here’s one quote about the Size of the Virtual World

January was another record month for Second Life in many ways. The size of the world, as measured by the virtual square kilometers of simulation, expanded 23% over December to 361 square kilometers. In fact, continued brisk sales have left us with roughly a two-week backlog for new Island order delivery. (Thanks to everyone for their patience on this.) The backlog has also affected our ability to expand the mainland sufficiently to meet. demand. As a result, the average price for mainland auctions is up higher than I think anyone would like to see it. Over the next several weeks, we hope to rectify both situations with a greater volume of server delivery from our supplier. With a recent release of more than 40 regions of mainland, the addition of a new mainland continent & and doubling of the daily release of new mainland regions I would hope that we will satisfy the seemingly insatiable demand and stabilize the mainland auction market to a more sustainable price.

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