Second Life new Grid Status: Restricted

Linden is actually doing something about the bugs… a new status called Restricted. This means according to Linden Blog that:

you’ll know that only those Second Life Residents who have transacted with Linden Lab either by being a premium account holder, owning land, or purchasing currency on the LindeX, will be able to log-in. Residents who are in Second Life
when this occurs will only be affected if they log-out and want to return before
the grid returns to normal status.

This has created two responses. Most people liked it. Because working in the SL metaverse has become a pain in the … you know where. But some people .. did not like it and plan to take drastic measures. This is not the first time. The story of the Elf Clan is kind of sad. Here it was an amazing community that just got pissed off with Linden and simply left Second Life.

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