Second Life to cancel First Land — is not the issue; PERFORMANCE is.

Effective immediately Second Life will cancel the First Land option.

To those not familiar: Second Life gave new premium users the ability to buy inexpensive 512 sqm plots land for just L$512. Yet with more users.. this was abused… many people opened alt (alternative) avatars. Purchase the land and then sold it. it was killing the economy).My analysis: First land was abused; and thus no longer relevant; it is a good move. It makes life simple.

BUT I have a very big but.

BUT PEOPLE… any time we react to Linden Labs we must stress PERFORMANCE. Not first land; not support; not my second life; not anything. Any time Linden is talking about such things — we should direct them back. Talk about databases; speed; reliability. Then we will trust you more. (and you have done an amazing job until now — but you are building an economy here /me begs Linden to make the system work).

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