First Holocaust Memorial in Second Life

Just now. In an emotional ceremony, we commemorated the Holocaust Memorial. Carter Giacobini hosted. People from all over the word gathers. This truly gives “memory” a new meaning. Inspiring.

[12:04] Carter Giacobini: Shalom and welcome to the first observance of Yom HaShoah in Second Life. My name is Carter Giacobini and I’ll be officiating at this ceremony.
[12:04] Carter Giacobini: And, it struck me just how much we are a family… As a family, we help each other when we need it. We love and support each other. We bicker with each other. We laugh with each other. We come together to celebrate and to mourn. Today, we celebrate and mourn…
[12:05] Sheva Writer: ow
[12:05] Carter Giacobini: We mourn the loss of those that perished during the holocaust, we feel anguish at the thought of what the survivors of the Shoah must live with everyday.


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