Evergreen fund annouce 50$K program for Reserach

This is an interesting concrete development in the relations of venture capital and research. Evergreen people should be commended. A simple and direct program to enhance ideas.

Evergreen Venture Partners launches a research fellowship program, endowing up to five research grants for high level PhD students whose research interests touch upon issues concerning technological, economic and social questions that coincide with themes of interests for the Israeli High-Technology industry. Evergreen strongly believes in cooperation between the academic and the commercial sectors in regards to High-Technology, and conceives such inter-sector cooperation as a key to the development of technology as well as higher education in Israel.
Research Priorities in 2008 In September 2006 Google announced the purchase of YouTube for the sum of 1.65 billion USD. Three months later, TIME magazine published its annual selection of “man of the year”. The selection of an anonymous person, “you”, that is, each and every one of us, the users of new technologies, fore and foremost the internet, marked for many the pick of a process that began as early as the first days of the World Wide Web, back in the 1980s.
The centrality of the singular user and of the particular usage experience brings up a set of questions concerning the conceptual, economic, cultural, technological, social and future-oriented aspects of this approach.
In 2008, the program will focus on the economic, technological and cultural potential of the domain of end-users and usage experience in the era of Information Technology, present and future.

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