Video: 50 Virtual Worlds to choose from report on amazing video of 50 virtual worlds.

Here’s what she says:

Great overview of 50+ virtual worlds (although I only count 43 ;)) current open (or in beta) by Gary Hayes for This video collection of machinima and stills from different virtual worlds, is a perfect overview of what Second Life’s competitors look like. By following Gary Hayes’ ‘2008 Metaverse Tour’ you can (quickly) visit the following virtual worlds without having to create an avatar for each: in order of appearance, Kaneva, YoVille (Facebook), RocketOn, Prototerra, Gaia Online, HiPiHi, Google Lively, Habbo Hotel, Laguna Beach (vMTV running There), Whyville, Twinity, Cyworld, Football Superstars, Weblin, IMVU, Second Life (yeeeey!!! let’s hear an applause! ;)), Club Penguin, Active Worlds, vSide, a Tale in the Desert, Barbie Online, Amazing Worlds, Webkinz,, Spore (only the creature creator), ExitReality, Open Croquet, Metaplace, Mokitown, Moove, The Palace, Spine World, Tower Chat, The Traveller, Virtual Ibiza, Stardoll, The Manor, There, Vastpark, Qwaq, Playstation 3 Home and Go Supermodel. Definitely a lot more ‘metaverse parts’ then I even knew existed!

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