August Nokia Connection Event

I had the pleasure of participating in the latest Nokia effort to connect with virtual worlds.
Nokia is really using Second Life; the meeting was not your standard session — after a bit of confusion we were able to listen to a panel (all done in Second Life using Second Life voice) that talked about… social aspects of second life. I did not participate in the entire event.. but it was fun..

Here are two pictures:

Nokia meeting place
“Another day in the office – of Nokia”

Here the offocial note (more details are in the facebook event:

The August edition of the Nokia Connected Worlds events will be held this thursday (August 28) at 11 am to 2 pm SL time. This will be a special installment of Connected Worlds as it is a 3 hour event focused on the value of social networking. Please sign for an account on OVI if you do not have one already. , as this will be used as a major component of the event. Adding some content to your Ovi account ahead of time would also be a very good idea!

At any rate, please come expecting to share your social networks with other people attending. Everything from Facebook, to Twitter, to Blogspot – whatever it is you do, share it with us!

The first hour will be themed as “Get Connected”, in which attendees will exchange social networking sites to connect them to eachother. A free scripted device will be handed out to facilitate this and make it easier and a lot of fun! Event hosts are Hydra Shaftoe and Digistar Brouwer.

The second hour will be the Nokia Virtual Business Panel discussion, where panelists drawn from various business disciplines within virtual worlds will take questions from the audience and discuss them. This is your chance to get the down-and-dirty on how business operates within virtual worlds from some of the best and brightest in the field.

Moderator and Host – Hydra shaftoe

Booperkit Moseley
Robbie Kiama
Stephane Zugzwang
Bevan Whitfield
Ken Ogg
Digistar Brouwer

The third hour will be both a continuation of the Get Connected event, and an after party hosted by Nokia’s live Mediterranean DJ, Ren Diqui.

For current information on the event, please watch Hydravelsen and Oobio on Twitter, and please sign up if possible at the event’s Facebook site, , and also feel free to browse for current information.

We hope to see you there!

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