Second Life Keyboard: The best SL parody today … SOOO….. Funny

By Prad Prathivi… (original is here in flicker)

This is only for mega users of Second Life… this is THE funniest picture I have ever seen in my life!!!! So smart; So cool; I want to pay them 1000 linden for doing it!!!

You will need to zoom into this picture… to see the rest… a bit big … but so cool…
(click on the picture and ask to open in a new window).

Thanks to Bevan Whitfield for the tip.

Cutter Journal: Finding the Real-World Value in Virtual Worlds: Issues and Challenges

Cutter Journal (September, 2008 issue) has just published a 35-page report aimed directly at traditional IT managers — exploring the meaning, value, and actions needed for virtual worlds.

And since I wrote a paper there, and you are my reader.. you get the entire issue in PDF free 🙂 see here.

In Cutter’s tradition of debate they start with the contradiction:

Virtual Worlds Pose Real Problems: Virtual worlds are immature and rife with
problems, from service outages to avatar harassment. Though they offer great promise, they aren’t yet ready for fielding mainstream applications. Many early adopters saw no substantial benefit and have beat a hasty retreat.

Virtual Worlds They Offer Real Value: Virtual worlds offer a rich immersive environment where anything you can imagine is possible. From training applications, to sales tools, to real-money commerce, virtual worlds offer a wealth of entrepreneurial opportunities. Get ready to embrace these brave new worlds, if you haven’t already!

Table of Contents:

  • Opening Statement by San Murugesan (the Editor) 3
  • 3D + 3C = “Real” Virtual Worlds by Yesha Sivan 6
  • From 2D to 3D: Making the Transition from Web to Metaverse Retailing by Savvas Papagiannidis 14
  • Virtual Worlds as Real-World Sales Tools by Matthew Ganis, Garrett Hall, and David McNeill 19
  • World of Workcraft: Educating and Training “Digital Natives” by David C. Wyld 26
  • Look Before You Leap: Issues and Challenges in Managing a Virtual-World Presence by Anjali Kaushik 32

About Cutter:
Cutter Consortium is a unique IT advisory firm, comprising a group of more than 150 internationally recognized experts who have come together to offer research, consulting, and training to our clients.

About Cutter Journal:
Part of Cutter Consortium’s mission is to foster the debate of, and dialogue on, the business technology issues challenging enterprises today, to help organizations leverage IT for competitive advantage and business success. Cutter’s philosophy is that most of the issues that managers face are complex enough to merit examination that goes beyond simple ronouncements. Founded in 1987 as American Programmer by Cutter Fellow Ed Yourdon, Cutter IT Journal is one of Cutter’s key venues for debate.

I would like to thank Raz Hyperman, CIO of Direct Insurance, Israel; and Gil Bickel, CIO of SAP Labs Israel. Special thanks to my long-time friends at STKI (the Israeli affiliate of the Cutter Consortium), Dr. Jimmy Schwarzkopf, Research Fellow and Managing Partner; Galit Fein, VP and Senior Analyst; and Einat Shimoni, VP and Senior Analyst.

Sep 23, 2008: Amsterdam – Eduverse Symposium 3- Amsterdam.

I will participate in the Eduverse Symposium 3 in Amsterdam.
I quote from Christian Renaud’s Weblog

On September 23rd, the Eduverse Foundation will be hosting a pre-Picnic event Symposium 3. Looking at the intersections between Serious Gaming, Virtual Education, Web3D Technology and Social Networking, the event looks certain to be worthy successor to June’s Symposium 2 event.

For those of you who are not familiar with Eduverse, it is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting virtual spaces for educational uses. On their blog, they list six over-arching goals of their mission:

1. To promote Virtual Education and detail the Virtual Paradigm

2. To set standards for what should and should not be done in virtual space

3. To create tools and interfaces to help facilitate virtual education

4. To explore and promote technologies which can be leveraged to aid virtual education

5. To create test cases to justify our claims and act as templates for future research

6. To promote Science and Scientific Research in virtual environments

I will give a short talk about the latest trends in Virtual Worlds (using my own perspective — of course). Other speakers include Chuck Hamilton, Philip Rosedale, and Julian Lombardi, and Christian Renaud.

Ohh Update: As we were listening to the talk… someone started to create fire balls and almost burned us. Lucky for us one smart builder protected us by adding a net… wow I feel good.

Robert Talking…

Sep 21, IBM Israel: Second IVWF meeting: Virtual worlds in the literature + the top 10 trends from Virtual Worlds LA

In the September meeting of the IVWF (Israeli Virtual Worlds Forum – a SIG of the ISOC – Israeli Internet Society group) we will cover virtual worlds from two angles:

  • A talk by Gur about virtual worlds in the literature.
  • A review of the latest news by the members and especially the latest 10 trends from Virtual Worlds in LA.

All the details are in the facebook event.
More details about IVWF in the facebook group.

BTW, we just got our 50th member. Horay!!.