Brands in Second Life – a good example – Orange Island

In an earlier post, I spoke about Brand – Why the came and why they left. One brand that really care about heir brand is Orange.

Orange, a key brand of France Telecom Group, is running Orange-Island.
A key factor in their program is an holistic approach to the new media that embrace community and creation.

Their creation program is called — surprisingly — Create:
As part of an ongoing endeavour to share and collaborate with the Second Life communities, Orange launches the Create Programme, an initiative that aims at encouraging creative expression on Orange Island.The idea is quite simple: Orange offers to support artistic and/or innovative projects by granting land and tools to residents who show promising material in order to help them achieve their project. We have selected three spectacular projects for this first batch of the Create Programme.

2 thoughts on “Brands in Second Life – a good example – Orange Island

  1. It’s great that Orange has begun a creative / business “bootstrapping” program in SL. This could be a win/win for everyone.It will be interesting to see the variety and ultimately the quality of the projects that come out of this initiative. It will also be interesting to see if the award process is fair and open to even unknown players, unlike some of the other endowment programs we have seen in SL.

  2. Hi Yesha, Valiant…Greetings from Paris. As part of the team working with Orange on their virtual world experimentation program, I can give you a little update on the Create Programme, which we launched early 2008.The Create Programme (support & land grants for creative projects) has somewhat evolved since its inception. The first batch revealed 3 interesting environmental creations (The Particle House, The Primal Forest & The Human Element Maze).We are now partnering with independent content makers, such as MadPea Productions (SL-based game & immersive experience designers), who not only develop original content, but also involve their community in supporting their game launches. Through this partnership, we hope to help independent groups achieve a sustainable growth and create business around well-designed creations & services.There'll hopefully be more in 2009…CheersYesterday Demain

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