WebGL Update: Progress and Release Date

According to virtual worlds news

The Khronos Group yesterday provided an update on development taking place with its recently announced WebGL technology, an open, royalty-free standard for built-in accelerated 3D graphics inside Web browsers.

According to Khronos (the industry consortium behind the new technology), the WebGL Working Group now includes AMD, Ericsson, Google, Mozilla, NVIDIA and Opera. Remaining noticeably absent is Internet Explorer maker Microsoft, Safari’s Apple, and Intel.

Yesterday’s news included a target release date of sometime in the first half of 2010 as well as some definitive statements of support from key players in the working group.

“We think 3D is the next step for Firefox [and] look forward to a new class of 3D-enriched Web applications …and for creative synergy between OpenGL developers and Web developers,” Arun Ranganathan of Mozilla said.

This is important because The Khronos Group has a history of solid technical standards that are successful in the market.

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