Top 5 Intriguing Cutter IT Articles of 2009 (Real Virtuality by… Yesha Sivan)


A bit of Self-bragging… my paper was selected as one of the top 5 Intriguing Cutter IT Articles of 2009

Top 5 Intriguing Cutter IT Articles of 2009

by Karen Coburn, President & CEO, Cutter Consortium

This week, we’re taking a look back at the five most intriguing articles published in Cutter’s Cutter IT Journal over this past year. As you might imagine, it was no small task to cull the list and pare it down to just five articles. Look for these lists from each of our nine practice areas for a compilation of Cutter’s 45 most intriguing articles of the year.

All of us at Cutter wish you health, prosperity, and happiness in the New Year!

–Karen Coburn, President & CEO
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1. The Challenges of SOA Governance by Paul Allen

Despite the promises of service-oriented architecture (SOA), many organizations are increasingly encountering difficult governance issues as they start to ramp up their early SOA efforts. SOA governance tends to get approached in primarily two ways: as a technology or as a cultural phenomenon. The most fruitful approach lies somewhere in between. Learn how pragmatic approaches to governance blend and balance the two with respect to the needs of the particular organization.

2. Is E-Mail Becoming Passé: The Rise of Niche Media by Tom DeMarco

It’s no secret that today’s college students have trouble writing clear text. I’ve been working this past year with a group of University of Maine undergrads, helping them build the writing skills that most of us assumed were honed in their middle school or high school years. On one two-draft assignment, I raced to get marked-up papers back to the students before they needed to start on their second drafts.

3. Assessing the Culture of Your Organization by Bob Furniss

Culture is a feeling in your organization that is hard to categorize but easy to see. Culture is what your employees say about service and the customer when no one else is around — around the lunch table or over drinks. Culture is an attitude toward quality. Culture is the norms, attitudes, beliefs, and values that employees place on their job, their organization, and their relationship with the customer. So what is your culture? Let’s explore the possibilities, read on.

4. Real Virtuality: Preparing for a Long-Term Paradigm Shift by Yesha Y. Sivan

IT managers need to have a split personality: they must be both conservative and innovative. On the one hand, they have to maintain older systems and keep current processes working smoothly. On the other hand, they have to continually examine new IT technologies that can alter the business. Around 1990, a “game-changing” technology, the Internet, emerged. New businesses that embraced the Internet in innovative ways — such as eBay, Amazon, and Google — thrived. However, companies that failed to embrace the Internet early — such as Tower Records, Barnes & Noble, and Rand McNally — were less fortunate. Tower closed, Barnes & Noble missed the online business that now belongs to Amazon, and Rand McNally failed to capture the online mapping business. Read on to discover how real virtual worlds will, in due course, provide the IT industry with the paradigm shift it needs to seize more business opportunities and growth.

5. To Do or Too Due? Getting the Most out of Personal Productivity Tools

by Joseph Feller

In my article in the July 2009 Cutter Benchmark Review (see “Looking at Personal Productivity Tools and Systems,”Vol. 9, No. 7), I wanted to identify some of the tools, techniques, attitudes, and environmental factors that could use a tune-up so that people could continue to get the job done but in a way that lets them go home at the end of the day without work lurking behind them. Specifically, I wanted to examine the extent to which practices and attitudes, revealed in the CBR survey on which that article was based, support or inhibit externalizing memory, making information actionable, and executing actions in a situated and agile fashion. Based on my analysis of the survey data, I offer a few pieces of advice.

Top 5 Intriguing Cutter IT Articles of 2009

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