Report on iOS4 Install

This is a short report on my own personal exprience upgrading my iPhone 3GS to the new iOS4.
As you know, I use my iPhone mostly as testing machine. I’m still connected to Nokia e61 as my main phone (!).

Still, my iPhone is my main email machine, News reader, Kindle book reader, music player, camera, and more. In short I use my iPhone a lot.

Steps (with some reflection)
1. (8:00am) Loading new iTunes.
2. Complete back up of iPhone
3. Loading iOS4 (a bit of problems accessing apple site… but it worked at the end)
4. Updating phone itself.
5. Loading back content into iPhone.
6. (9:00am) Done.

Once you click on the iTubes update — all is automatic.

New iOS perks:
1. Dbl click on action button to see all open apps. [later video of iPhone 4 demo it, I learned a lot from this video re the features of iOS4)
2. Mail has threads — cool.
3. Camara has zoom (x 5 times) — cool.
4. Skype seems to not like new system (says so) but it works fine — loading Skype still kills music. They should fix that.
5. Lost my podcasts in the process (as well as other content). Music seems to be OK. — not so cool.
6. iPhone has two background images. for home screen and for lock screen. I used the water drops for main screen — gives me a feel of iPhone 4.
7. iBook application — free. Works well, better that Amazon Kindle on iPhone, include also a Free dictionary.
8. Folders — cool. Just drag one app onto another… iOS4 will put them it into a folder and suggest a name for that folder — cool.
9.Lock rotation. A new feature allows you to stop auto-rotation. This is very useful feature of you read in bed. To get to this feature dbl click on the action button, scroll to the left. and click on the icon. — very cool.
10. Next movie — while on iPhone 4 — demo some of these perks.

Have fun,

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