Fix for PowerPoint 2003 post April 13 bug [some contents (text, images or objects) have corrupted]

This is an important news for those using Microsoft PowerPoint 2003.
I have just noticed that one of my older presentation stopped working.
I tried the usual fixes… and was amazed to see the same problem occurred in ALL
my past presentations… it also happened again in ANOTHER computer.

The error repored:

...some contents (text, images or objects) have corrupted

So .. .I looked the problem up in Microsoft social site. I found a list of
similar cases. Apparently, some security fix in April 13, caused PowerPoint to block itself…
(well, something like that).

The bottom line there is a fix … you will need to down load it via email.
You will get a pass code with the email so keep it. You will need it.

It fixes all my OLD presentations.  But those that I have have touched … did not work.

So this is a good lesson in how to create bugs, and how to fix them.

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