Introduction to Virtual Worlds – Final Projects of Class 2012

On Sunday January 29th, 2012 the course “Introduction to Virtual Worlds” had come to its end, and the results – great ones, it must be said – are here.

And first of all: A moment of glory in front of the Scoreboard: “The Best Projects” winners and triumphant of this class: The Diamonds Machine & Pole Dancing (A Tie for 1st & 2nd place), Penalty Kick (3rd)

The Projects:

The Diamonds Machine (1st tie with 2nd Place)
The machine that creates personalized rings individually designed. It shares the 1st place as Winner of the course’s Contest.

Pole Dancing (1st tie with 2nd Place)
Recognized by its name: a virtual worlds’ project but is well known in reality as well. It shares the 1st place as Winner of the course’s Contest.

Penalty Kick (3rd Place)
Some players of the Israeli Championship League could use this project.

Fly on a Broom
Answers the ancient human dream to fly as well as the all-sorcerers’ dream – a broom!

A Mikveh
The project simulates the Jewish ritual bath that shares pure Jewish felling as well as information about this old Jewish practice. Let it prevail – Amen!

Learn to Fly

The course’s training project! It is suitable for each Avatar’s beginning and for stimulating contests.

Israel National Trail (Shvil Israel)
An Israeli pride! This project can bring relevant information to all those Israelis and tourists, who love, wish or plan, to walk this famous road of the real world.

A Fortune Teller
The project that tells your future. You don’t know what to do? What decision to make? This project is for you.

The Merry-go-round (A Carrousel)
Undoubtedly it is the most colorful project of this course. An exciting experience of fun and music for both children and those left with just a childish soul…

Fishing Game
This project is suitable for all the sea lovers. It brings a great game experience and wonderful maritime landscapes. Cool Programming.

Bow & Arrow
Simple, accurate and classic! An all-family fun of Hit the Target game, accompanied by a unique winning-dance.

The Sexual Assault Center
This special project intends to do good and offer help.

The Personal First Date Tutor
For both women and men: how to behave on a date.

The Music Platform
This is a music project where you can play, record and listen to your recordings. A toolkit for all music lovers.

The project which fulfills all of our dreams to become famous: take 15 seconds of glory on the red carpet.

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