Protect Yourself:The One Action U MUST do: 2-step verification in ALL major tools: Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Apple ID.

Adding 2-step verification to gmail is EASY

Israel is now being “attacked” (more liked being annoyed). One of the core challenges is stealing user passwords.(and yes, it can cause lots of demange — if you are in the US see

People ask me a lot what to do. There is lots of advice out there… but people are often busy.
So I want you to do ONE THING (if you are like many people using gmail).

Please, plz, PLEASE — use 2-step verification. I have been using it for 12 months and it is simple.
Adds just a bit of hassle, but works — it will cut your cummuliative lots by 95% if your password is stolen.

It is basically easy — but you do need to read and understand it (understand what to do when you do not have a phone).

Here’s a short video about it:

And, while you are at it. Do it also for facebook and your other tools:

* Facebook: (works very well).

* Apple ID: (cant say if it is easy, I just added it).

* Dropbox: (did it, easy).
* Google: (a MUST)
* Microsoft: partially implemented — I never use it. Google it — or shall i say Bing it.

Even more info: see

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