CUTTER: Five Information Technology Innovation Platforms

You can access this article free from Cutter

During the last year, I have been looking more deeply into the relations between Information Technology and the Innovation/venture scene.

I’m thankful for the opportunity given to me by Cutter to outline some of the initial ideas: here’s the abstract:

In this article, Yesha Sivan considers IT as the driver of innovation. He examines five kinds of innovation platforms:

  1. process innovation platforms,
  2. generative innovation platforms,
  3. ready-made innovation platforms,
  4. technological innovation platforms, and
  5. “build-your-own” innovation platforms.

Sivan argues that in enabling, supporting, and building these innovation platforms, IT plays a crucial role in innovation. Find out how IT leaders can and should transform themselves into leaders of innovation!

Thanks for reading. If you have more ideas re this. Please comment. Thanks.

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