My First Full Day with Google Glass: 02-Apr-2014

Seldom I get to experience the feeling of something that is totally new. You can see why I smile?

While I have tested and demoed Google Glass in the past (for example in Milan in our conference about devices), and I have also talked with few other Glass Explorers (that is how call us lucky ones that own Google Glass), nothing beats the real thing: spending a day with Glass.
(ok not a full day = just few hrs)

Few initial insights:

  1. The physical DESIGN is SLICK. You really get the feel of Apple, when you open the box. The packaging. The connectivity etc. It sure gives you the motivation to play with Glass.
  2. BATTERY SUCKS. After 30 min.. already a drop to 70%. I may be able to play with settings. But there is a long way to go here.
  3. The SCREEN REALLY WORKS. This was my worse fear. That you will not be able to see clearly. The screen is sharp. and one could see in almost every light conditions.
  4. INTERFACE MEGA FAIL. It seems that Google hired 5 different teams to design the interface and they could not make decisions.  You can wink to get a picture, tilt to turn it on, voice to start OK glass (no way to cancel?), sounds are confusing. No clear notion of what is an application, what is a feature. So many things to fix.
  5. LOTS OF COOL THINGS: getting email notification, calling from your phone, taking a picture, posting in twitter, and sharing in plus ad Facebook.
More to come.

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