Prof. Yesha Sivan Interview on the Six Digital Transformations Framework for WalkMe

Prof. Yesha Sivan, the Founder and CEO of i8 Ventures, was interviewed by
Amir Farhi, WalkMe VP of Strategic Development. WalkMe develops and promotes the concept and platform named DAP – Digital Adoption Platform.

WalkMe pioneered the concept of DAP to simplify user experiences by combining insights, guidance, and automation capabilities.

In the interview, Prof. Sivan focuses on 6 digital transformations that each and every manager in the digital era should master and understand. The
framework divides the six transformations into two categories: Internal
(transformations that affect the products and the services an organization
provides to its customers) and External (transformations that affect the organizations’ strategy, business models, and is even disrupting the industry).

Below is the link to the interview: video and description of the framework.

The full details of the six transformations framework can be found in the article “Digital Leader: Master of Six Digital Transformations” authored by Prof. Yesha Sivan and Raz Heiferman, published by Cutter Consortium, on the Business Technology Strategies journal Vol. 12, No. 2, September 2014. The link to the article can be found in the interview.

Chapter 4 in our Hebrew e-book “Doing Digital&quot” published on “e-vrit” platform contains a detailed description of the six digital transformations framework.

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