DigitalRosh Live events — The Spider series

“DigitalRash Live” is a special series of programs in the ZOOM webinar format (which requires personal access), on Tuesdays from 18:00 to 19:00. Each series has a specific theme and focus.
Editor-in-Chief: Jacob Eilon.

In the program, DigitalRosh hosts executives from various companies and organizations in a format of a lecture followed by a discussion. The format allows for in-depth discussion at a professional high level. The program also includes community updates, Jacob’s digital news, and more.

The coming series is named “The Spider series: Digital Force – Human Responsibility.” It will bring us together with executives from leading companies that manage adjustment and change processes in accordance with the changing competitive environment.

You are welcome to join DigitalRosh (free of charge, registration required) and receive automatic invitations to all of The Spider series: Digital Force – Human Responsibility events.

The full Spider series is comprised of the following live events:

– May 10, 2022 — Ms. Sigal Regev Rosenberg, CEO at Mehudet Health Services

– May 17, 2022 — Ms. Esti Peshin, VP, General Manager, Cyber Division at IAI – ELTA

– May 24, 2022 — Mr. Udi Shamai, Co-Founder & CEO at Hyper Food Robotics Ltd.

– May 31, 2022 — Mr. Oded Salomy, Director of Payment Systems and Member of Management at Bank of Israel

– June 7, 2022 — Prof. Noam Shomron, Genomic Data Faculty at Tel Aviv University

– June 14, 2022 — Ms. Ornit Shinar, Global Head of External Innovation and Venture Investing at Citibank

– June 21, 2022 — Mr. Amir Livne, Senior VP – Strategy, Innovation and Restructure process at Isreal Electric Co.

– June 28, 2022 — Mr. David Chinn, Managing Partner, McKinsey & Company Israel

Hope to see you with us.

Promo video to the DigitalRosh Live Spider series (Hebrew)

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