10-Oct-2023: The Annual Bio-Mix-2023 Competition of Teva’s BioInnovators National Forum

The National Forum for Bioinnovators by Teva is excited to once again announce and invite you to the Teva Bio-Mix Annual Competition of 2023. The competition will be taking place on October 10th – 17:00-20:00 IL | 10:00 EST.

This event is the culmination of a year-long training program designed to enhance the entrepreneurial and business skills of outstanding PhD and PostDoc students. It will include the top five projects that the students have worked on all year long: In-Sight Diagnostix; EndoEase; ImplatTech; HostDefender; CoaguLife.

Learn About the Top 5 Projects:

AI and multi-modality at home telemedicine device to provide a highly accurate assessment and early diagnostics of breast cancer probability.

Group Leader: Bar Kaufman
Group Members: Aveksha Sharma, Opal Avramoff
Mentor: Alina Brosque

Insight Diagnostix, is a pioneering startup dedicated to revolutionizing breast cancer detection for women at high risk. We are developing a cutting-edge, home-based multi-modality diagnostic system that integrates ultrasound technology, along with devices to measure perfusion, saturation, and skin changes. With our innovative solution, women can conveniently perform self-examinations in the comfort of their own homes. The gathered information is securely transmitted to their personal clinicians or their Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) for thorough evaluation and analysis. Our mission is to empower women with high risk by providing them with timely and accurate diagnostics, personalized care, and seamless collaboration with their healthcare providers. Together, we strive to save lives through early detection and intervention, while ensuring a seamless connection between patients and their trusted clinicians or HMOs.

Slow-release cannabinoid vaginal suppository, utilizing a liposomal delivery system, for local treatment of endometriosis.

Group Leader: Ela Bar
Group Members: Hadar Ben-Arosh, Adi Avram-Shperling
Mentor: Dor Zaguri

Endoease addresses the most common symptom of endometriosis, debilitating pain, affecting around 200 million women worldwide. Our solution involves targeted delivery of cannabinoids through pH-regulated nanoparticles enclosed within a vaginal suppository and facilitated by a specifically designed applicator. This innovative approach provides a potentially safe, effective, and targeted treatment minimizing side effects. Our sustainable business model includes a one-time applicator purchase and a monthly vaginal suppository subscription.

Dental implant with a sustained release delivery drug delivery system, with an AI element to predict the optimal prevention and treatment of peri-implantitis.

Group Leader: Noy Pinto
Group Members: Benjamin Assouline, Patricia Mora Raimundo
Mentor: Hassan Elsana

Dental implants are becoming one of the most popular areas in dentistry, with the market forecasted to reach 6 billion dollars by 2030. 19-65% of implant procedures result in peri-implantitiis, inflammation and bone loss surrounding the implant.  The solution, Theraimplant, a personalized dental implant for each patient that includes a drug delivery system inside it! The platform, which is based on a sophisticated AI program, will combine a saliva test, risk factors, and genetics to suggest the most suitable drug. The implant itself includes an internal capsule and several tubes and pores that will release the drug out to the surrounding bone. This delivery system concept will be initiated via pH change, which significantly decreases when inflammation begins, triggering the capsule to be degraded and slowly release the drug in a dependent manner. 

In addition, the implant will be refillable, since the crown above the implant can be screwed in and out. The drug capsule made from a biodegradable material combined with radiopaque molecules will enable tracking of biodistribution and the time for refilling the capsule via X-ray.

Innovative Graft vs. Host Disease (GVHD) Prevention in bone marrow transplantations.

Group Leader: Orly Weissberg
Group Members: Hananel Aharon, Muhammad Abu Ahmad
Mentor: Eli Varon

HostDefender is a groundbreaking solution that can transform the world of bone marrow transplantation and GVHD prevention. Approximately 500,000 new cases of leukemia are diagnosed every year worldwide. While bone marrow transplantation stands as a primary treatment, the need for a compatible donor presents a formidable challenge, with success rates ranging from 25 to 55%. In transplant organs, the host can reject the organ and the transplant will fail. Since bone marrow transplants themselves have immune system capabilities, the graft may attack the host. This toxic complication is called GVHD and can lead to morbidity rates of 30-70% and mortality rates of 50-60%.

Treatments currently available for GVHD are ineffective and compromise the graft’s ability to fight leukemia and increase the risk of infections. HostDefender introduces a simple, non-invasive breakthrough method designed to capture and eliminate in high specificity, alloreactive T cells that induce GVHD without harming T cells that protect from leukemia and infections. It is the first single-dose treatment to prevent GVHD instead of treating the symptoms. With HostDefender, we not only safeguard against GVHD and improves survival rates, but also expand the pool of potential donors, offering renewed hope to those in need.

Real-time coagulation monitoring device to detect in real time and diagnose different types of stroke.

Group Leader: Reut Plen
Group Members: Dor Braverman, Tatiana Orli Sandberg Raileanu
Mentor: Chen Tzror-Azakot

Stroke is ranked as the second-leading cause of death and the third-leading cause of disability worldwide, with estimated global costs exceeding 721 billion dollars annually. People who are at risk for stroke should closely monitor their coagulation levels to prevent both hypercoagulation, which leads to blood clot formation, or hypocoagulation, which leads to excessive bleeding. CoaguLife is an AI-based real-time coagulation monitoring device that provides 24/7 automatic tracking of coagulation parameters, eliminating the need for frequent and painful blood draws. This state-of-the-art technology applies an advanced machine learning algorithm for improved accuracy and identifying trends, sends real-time alerts to patients, physicians and caretakers and enables remote monitoring of vulnerable populations. CoaguLife is an accurate, reliable and easy-to-use solution that enhances patient comfort and compliance with coagulation monitoring, facilitates risk management, reduces healthcare costs and improves medical outcomes.

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