2006-7 Spring Course: Software Workshop – Motion Planning in Virtual Environments (Tel Aviv)

Prof. Dan Halperin (Tel Aviv University) and myself will teach a Software Workshop at the School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University.

This is aprogramming-intensive course for 3rd year undergrads.

The assignment in this workshop is to plan a collision free motion for moving bodies (robots) in an environment cluttered with obstacles. The major platform will be SecondLife, which is one of the first programmable Metaverse platforms. Several problems will be proposed as well as different solution approaches.
Possible projects:

  • Robot getting out of a maze
  • Hover (flying) chair
  • Snake (multi-link) robots; follow-me dog

More projects will be proposed in class. Students are encouraged to propose their own projects.

Prerequisites: Software 1, Software Project, Algorithms, Data Structures.

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