Eduverse Conference On learning in Virtual Worlds in Amsterdam and SL

Update: See this a good summary of this unique event here.

Lots of people in the lab at the presentation
(left screen is power-point, right screen is a video feed of the audience).

Robert Shepherd will host a Virtual Education Conference both in RL (Amsterdam) and in SL. 27-Feb-2008. 15:00-23:00 EU CET TIME. 06:00-22:00 SL time. See

(I will give a short talk about my course “Virutal Worlds 101 – model 2008” 20:30 CET Time, 11:30 SLT time, 21:30 Israel Time).

The event will be streamed on the web at: (UK) (NL) and will be viewable afterwards from De Balie archives
The event will also be available to be seen live in Second Life at these locations:
Should you wish to stream it yourself, then it is possible using this url:
It will also be streamed live simultaneously with the following codecs for low speed internet connections: (Mp3 audio mono) > ( image refresh ‘webcam’)

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