Harvard: Video game technology may help surgeons operate on beating hearts

There was an interesting news item about using 3D glasses to train heart surgeons. So all those days in Halo could make sense if you want to be a Doctor (see full report).

Surgery has been done inside some adults’ hearts while the heart is still beating, avoiding the need to open the chest, stop the heart and put patients on cardiopulmonary bypass. But to perform intricate beating-heart operations in babies with congenital heart disease or do beating-heart complex repairs in adults, surgeons need fast, highly sophisticated real-time imaging that allows them to see depth.
In an NIH-funded study featured on the cover of the June Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, cardiac surgeons from Children’s Hospital Boston report good results with a simple technology borrowed from the gaming industry: stereo glasses.

2 thoughts on “Harvard: Video game technology may help surgeons operate on beating hearts

  1. It's amazing to know that gaming industry could enhance the operation procedures. I never thought that it is possible earlier on, there are sites that you guys would definitely enjoy. You can Download Games; have fun and learn at the same time.

  2. Excellent! I have heard that there are Games about the functions of a certain organ, this I believe was incorporated in lessons of medical students. You know just to be familiar about the organ.

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