The Israerli Forum for Virtual Worlds: IBM Talk on Tech. and Bus.

Update: Please join us this facebook group.

I am happy to announce that the forming of the “Israeli Forum for Virtual Worlds.” This is a working group of the Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL). We (Gur Shomron, and Yesha Sivan) are looking to build a community of people who are interested in various aspects of virtual worlds. This will be a real (ah ah) group… with virtual life…

Our speaker will be Eyal Levin from IBM — who will share with US IBM global interest in the field. (Eyal IS NOT in the picture. Picture Credit).

Details about the meeting here.

He will cover both technology and business. This will be a good place to start the discussion.
Soon — there will be call for speakers on the ISOC web site.

We are looking for a logo… so let us know what you think. See you there… (looking for Free tickets let me know… I may get some).

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