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I am happy to announce the publication my latest work re virtual worlds:

3D3C Real Virtual Worlds Defined:
The Immense Potential of Merging 3D, Community, Creation, and Commerce

See the paper on main Journal web site or a backup copy).

Image taken from the conclusion section.

This is my most updated version to the 3D3C definition for virtual worlds that calls for no prior knowledge.


The goal of this paper is to define the term “Real Virtual Worlds.” It is the assumption of this paper that this new field is destined to become a major force in 5-10 years. Much like the internet, Real Virtual Worlds, will change, enhance, and sometimes hamper how we learn, have fun, work, and perform human action.
Because the goal here is to expose the field and generate awareness and action, no prior knowledge in virtual worlds is called for. Those familiar with the field may enjoy a fresh perspective that takes into account the integration of factors that lead to new applications and services.
The short background will present the fields of “virtual reality” and “gaming worlds” as the parents of the field. Then, Real Virtual Worlds will be defined using (a) the detailed example of Second Life, (b) a formal definition of 3D3C (3 dimensions, community, creation and commerce) and (c) a short comparative analysis of several worlds as a method to explicate the 3D3C definition. Further exposition of the Community, Creation and Commerce will use Second Life to further describe the 3Cs. The conclusion will connect the supply (of powerful technology) and demand (from both young and adult users) with the sustained innovation that stem from 3D3C – to create a reinforcing cycle that will propel Real Virtual Worlds forward.


1. Background: The Parents of Real Virtual Worlds
1.1 Father: Virtual Reality
1.2 Mother: Gaming Worlds
2. 3D3C: 3D, Community, Creation and Commerce
2.1 An Example: Second Life
2.2 A Formal Definition
2.3 Typical Worlds via the 3D3C Prism
3. Community
3.1 Background
3.2 The Individual
3.3 Partnership and Family
3.4 Groups
3.5 Conclusion
4. Creation
4.1 Background
4.2 My Avatar
4.3 Objects
4.4 Land
4.5 Editing
4.6 Conclusion
5. Commerce
5.1 Background
5.2 Linden Dollars
5.3 Services
5.4 Products
5.5 Conclusion
6. Conclusion: Towards Real Virtual Worlds

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