Talk in Haifa Jul 14: Real Virtual Worlds: When Facebook, Youtube and eBay merge

Time: Monday — Jul 14, 2008 12:15-13:35
Location: Haifa University, Education building, Room 570, 5th floor

For my friends in the North of Israel… I will come back to my hometown for an open talk
(there will be a closed session afterwords).

Real Virtual Worlds: When Facebook, Youtube and eBay merge.

A real virtual world is described as a three-dimensional world in which human characters spend their time, play, work and live. A definition is proposed – 3D3C: 3D for the three dimensions of this interactive world and 3C for Community in which people connect with one another, Creation that allows people to express themselves and Commerce that links real monetary value to actions in this world. Current business models as seen today in Second Life, the first sample real Virtual World, are described.

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