Nice idea by ExitReality: Taking 2D into the 3D

As part of the Metaverse1 research I got some new ideas for platforms. One is nicely demonstrated by ExitReality. This 3D browser addon allow you to add a URL of a web site and see it in 3D. If you own the web site you will be able to modify the look and feel of your 3D version of the site.

Here’s how my web site looked today in 3D (click to see a bigger view)

Look at the 2D, 3D URL line. The avatar can look into the text, pictures, see the videos, etc. Fun.

2 thoughts on “Nice idea by ExitReality: Taking 2D into the 3D

  1. Hi DrYeshayou can do a lot more to customise or enhance your 3D site. Did you know that you can drag and drop 3D objects, avatars and even whole themes into your space from the exitreality search engine, located inside the toolbar at the top of you screen.This is only the beginning of what can be done.hope that is of help,kind regards,ExitReality Team

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