Sep 22: A New Medium Leads to New Business Models (ISEMI meeting; Hebrew)

I will be giving a talk for the entrepreneurship in virtual worlds.

3D3C Virtual Worlds:
A New Medium Leads to New Business Models

Virtual Worlds are described as a three-dimensional worlds in which human characters spend their time, play, work and live. A definition for the virtual world is proposed – 3D3C: 3D for the three dimensions of this interactive world and 3C for Community in which people connect with one another, Creation that allows people to express themselves and Commerce that links real monetary value to actions in this world. Current business models as seen today in Second Life, the first sample virtual world, are described. The virtual world is then mapped into the conventional course of technology development (invention, realization, excitement and aversion, maturity and transparency), leading to the conclusion that a new medium is born.

Location: Mofet Center, Tel Aviv.
Time: 17:30-21:30 Including meeting time.
Cost: 280-180 + VAT pending your status with ISEMI

Registration & details are in here.

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