Nokia 3D phone

from Itmobile:

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) apparently showed off a new 3D stereoscopic
display at Nokia World 2009 that it doesn’t require any special 3D glasses! The
new tech can display simple 3D perspectives on a handheld-sized device, paving
they way for truly 3D mobile phones in the future.

Nokia outfitted a Nokia N810 Internet Tablet with their special 3D display, giving the naked eye the perception of depth in the field. TheD screen 3 requires special software, developed by Nokia, to make ordinary pictures and movies come to life.
Unfortunately, the Finns are staying tight-lipped on which third-party display
maker is responsible for the 3D display. Still, they did tell Pocket-lint that
Nokia has been researching 3D display for “several years.” Let’s hope we’ll be seeing Nokia’s next 3D smartphone hitting stores before another “several years.”

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