Motorola CLIQ / Motorola DEXT / Blur

A new phone by an old firm. I must say it looks good on paper (on video more like it). Please pay attention to
– Use of Google Android.
– Idea of Motorola Blur (connecting all your data sources social work etc).
– Auto Back up of all data.
– Cant they find one name for a global product. (I hear 3 brands here: Dex, Cliq, and Blue…. please pay some MBA to pick one).

One thought on “Motorola CLIQ / Motorola DEXT / Blur

  1. Motorola DEXT as it is known here in the UK is the new mobile phone released by Motorola Inc on October 2009 in the UK on Orange Network. This Dext from Motorola is powered by Android based operating system and has built-in social networking capabilities.

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