Video: MindFlex – Controling the Real with your Brain ("look ma no hands")

A demo of MindFlex — a new consumer toy by Mattel.
A $180 toy, that allow you to move a ball in a user-generated obstacle course. The mind control the speed of a fan that lifts the ball, you use your hand to turn the obstacle course, the results is amazing. Lots of fun.

As far as I can tell, there are 3 sensors here, more advance sensors include 6, 12, and even more sensors to allow more control.

2 thoughts on “Video: MindFlex – Controling the Real with your Brain ("look ma no hands")

  1. What's amazing is not the CLAIM of controlling brain waves, but that people actually BELIEVE it's true! Like the atheist's debunking of religion, the counter claim is: “if you could build a gadget that replicates the effect of the Mattel toy WITHOUT using brain waves” that would prove that brain waves were not necessary. Obviously, such a gadget CAN (and evidently HAS) be made, and quite cheaply, too! In fact, you don't even need to know HOW to build it – you have witnessed far more complex devices all around you!

    I call this effect a Gellerism – after the scams created by Uri Geller. He also claimed that his effects COULD, indeed, be totally duplicated by illusionists' tricks, but that HE used supernatural powers.

    I consider this logic to be convincing enough, but let's take it a bit further.

    Secondly, this “brain wave” nonsense is easily disproved by activating the toy without any brain being connected to it. (See

    Third, isn't it obvious that if brain waves could be controlled so accurately (i.e. by “concentrating”) that we would be swamped by commercial, military, medical, educational (and many more) applications utilizing this effect?

    Let's get used to the fact that most of us are very gullible, and prepared to swallow the first explanation (not to mention the hype) for anything they cannot explain. How true the saying “there's a sucker born every minute!” And well are they (and sometimes deservedly) exploited!

    Let's be kind, and just call it a joke on the public!

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