Video: Is MindFlex a Scam ("Sponge with a mind")

So I have received a lot of feedback on my previous post re MindFlex “Video: MindFlex – Controling the Real with your Brain (“look ma no hands”)“. Including this very interesting link to a video. It start with a user that use MindFlex, and then goes to a SPONGE that use MindFlex (see especially 2:15 and on).

So is this a scam? Does MindFlex just use the skin to close an electric circle and add some randomness to it? Personally, I dont think Mattel would go for a scam? What do you think?

One thought on “Video: Is MindFlex a Scam ("Sponge with a mind")

  1. well, i don't know what was implemented in this specific game, but the technology does exsists and is potentialy implemented in everyday interfaces –
    (shameless self promotion)

    also – on that specific post there's a link to another demonstration of an open SDK for these applications, presented by Emotiv.

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