Yesha to meet with Minister Michael Eitan and Dr. Jeffrey Jaffe, W3C CEO

From right to left: Dr. Jeffrey Jaffe, the CEO of the W3C, Dr. Yesha Sivan, Head of W3C office in Israel, Minister Michael Eitan, and Eyal Sela, project manager of ISOC Israel.

In my role as the head of the W3C office in Israel I had the pleasure of spending the day with Dr. Jeffrey Jaffe, the CEO of the W3C. You may not be aware to the role W3C has in our lives. In essence, W3C is responsible for the software layer of the web (while ISOC is dealing with the pipes). While, W3C is best known for “developing” HTML and XML, in fact, W3C has more than 70 different working groups, dealing with various aspects of the web.

Key to our discussion was of course the issue of standards. More specifically, how we can make the W3C a better place for small scale standards. Jeff had an extensive blog post here: Making W3C the Best Place for New Standards Work.

More about Jeff visit in Israel see this item which include two videos of Jeff talk to CIO’s and Jeff talk to innovators at the garage geeks.

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