Epiphany day: http://bodybrowser.googlelabs.com as an example of 3d3c worlds

Today, was one of those unique day which I call “epiphany days” when you see something that you will change entire industries. Google bodybrowser is the Google earth for the Human body. it has the ability to show a 3D avatar, with layers of the body, with labels, with location. with various level of transparency.

Now imagine: kids can learn about their body in a very concrete ways, doctors can (finally) explain to patients about their conditions. One could see differences between man and woman, child and adult, etc. Unique layers of unique data — like my tests, my scans, etc can be added. Doctors can compare notes. A second Opinion can be done remotely.  What will facilitate this: a 3D3C market
a market that connect 3D, Community, Creation and Commerce.

See the Israeli conference on March 23, 2011: http://www.3d3cworlds.com

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