10 Lessons for EU funding from one project (Presentation to the EUREKA meeting)

Last moth (June 21, 2011) I was invited to give a talk to the national funding agencies of Europe.
This was the the 4th meeting of the Israeli EUREKA Chairmanship Office.
These lessons were derived from our EUREKA  ITEA2 Metaverse1  project:
1.Define a very specific lofty achievable goal (MPEG-V in our case). 
2.Use an Internal knowledge/management system (MyMT1)
3.Grand meetings (of all projects in one place once a year). Allow cross pollination of learning.
4.More power to project leaders.
5.Sync timing with all governments — > saves time.
6.4 year (even 5 year projects) — > more value.
7.More energy per partner (experts vs. workers).
8.Train people in internal & external expression (movies, presentations, papers).
9.Motivate and incentivize to cooperate.
10.Think more: reuse, customers, business.

As a side note, I of course pushed the idea of standards as a direct result of project. Next time I will put “standards” into the 10 points.

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