16-Dec-2012: Journal of Virtual Worlds Research Call for Augmented Reality Workshop at ICIS2012 (ARatICIS2012)

Augmented Reality Workshopt at ICIS 2012
Dear members,

See our full call on the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research website (http://www.jvwresearch.org)

Call for Participants, Ideas and Sponsors

now at Eventbrite

1. Google eyewear Glass  2. Virtual Dinos – Japan 2009 3. BMW – AR Service Application
4. AR Headset & Gloves 5. AR Immersive Cocoon 6. AR Business Card

About the Main Conference – ICIS 2012
ICIS (http://icis2012.aisnet.org/) is the major annual international meeting of the Association for Information Systems (AIS), which has over 4,000 members representing universities in over 95 countries worldwide. It is the most prestigious gathering of academics and practitioners in the IS discipline, and provides a forum for networking and sharing of latest ideas and highest caliber scientific work among the IS professions. Each year, over 1,000 IS academic professions from around the world participate in the conference program, which includes about 60 sessions and 180 presentations, in addition to keynotes, CIO panels, and research panels.

About – ARatICIS2012
The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research (http://jvwresearch.org), following a successful workshop in Shanghai ICIS 2011, will host a special face-2-face workshop on Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality (See for example: http://mashable.com/follow/topics/augmented-reality/) is one of the “hottest” topics in IT/IS. The rise of high-end mobile cameras, GPS, and on-device with cloud computation power allow for many new applications in this field. Theoretical research in the field (see for example: http://www.ismar11.org/) is now moving forward to actual applications.

Augmented Reality (AR) Topics include, but are not limited to:
•    Devices (See for example #1, #4)
•    AR definitions and technologies
•    Commercial uses of AR
•    Educational uses of AR (See #2)
•    Research methods for AR
•    Medical uses of AR (See #5)
•    Defense related AR
•    Standards and tools for AR. (See #3)
•    What should CIOs know about AR
•    The relation of Mobile and AR
•    Web and AR, WebGL, Edb3D, etc.
•    And more…

We will divide up the workshop into review talks and research talks, allowing for audience discussion.
We are planning for 20-30 min presentations.

Send one-page description with your background and ideas for presentation to [email protected]
We are foreseeing a special issue of the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research in 2014. (If you wish to participate in editing see info for editors).
Deadliine: Aug-31-2012

Please book your place early. We expect this workshop to be filled quickly. We foresee a $100 fee. Please book early at Eventbrite here.

We will have a table ready for you, with a logo; meet the top researchers worldwide. Send email to [email protected].


Prof. Yesha Sivan
Head of the Management Information System Program
Tel Aviv Academic College
Managing Editor, The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research

Dr. Shu Schiller
Department of Information Systems & Operations Management
Raj Soin College of Business
Wright State University

Prof. Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah
Professor of Management in Information Systems
College of Business Administration
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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