Pre-ICIS JVWR Workshop – Augmented Reality in IS: Setting a Research Agenda


Augmented Reality Workshopt at ICIS 2012
  Augmented Reality in IS: Setting a Research Agenda

Pre-ICIS 2012 JVWR Workshop
December 16, 2012 08:30AM-12:00PM
Orlando FL, USA

Background about AR:
Journal web:
Event page:
“Sight” – a vision of AR in the near future:
Intro to the workshop in Google Hangout:

Augmented Reality (for example: is one of the “hottest” topics in IT/IS. The rise of high-end mobile cameras, GPS, and devices with on-cloud computation allow for many new opportunities. Theoretical research in the field (see for example: is now being further developed into applications.

1. Google eyewear Glass  2. Virtual Dinos – Japan 2009 3. BMW – AR Service Application
4. AR Headset & Gloves 5. AR Immersive Cocoon 6. AR Business Card

Confirmed Speakers:
Yesha Sivan, Jon Preston, Jeff Chastine, Dov Teeni


08:30–09:00 Breakfast & Welcome
09:00–09:30 Yesha Sivan – The status of AR today, followed by the “SIGHT” Movie
09:30–10:00 Jon Preston and Jeff Chastine – Augmented Reality: a Narrative, Symbiotic Approach in Combining Virtual and Physical Worlds
10:00–10:30 Submitted papers
10:30–11:00 Submitted papers
11:00–11:30 Dov Teeni – AR in I.S.: Setting a Research Agenda
11:30–12:00 Review and Discussion

Call for papers:
Given the exploratory purposes of this workshop, we invitewell-articulated papers (2-3 pages including visuals) with one-page bio and background of the author(s). We particularly seek experimental and forward-looking papers. We also welcome conceptual papers with theoretical flavor, as well as completed research papers or research-in-progress papers. Some of the submitted papers may be invited for fast-tracking to the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research.

Suggested research topics include, but are not limited to (#x refers to the image in the JVWR web site):
•    Devices (See example #1, #4)
•    AR definitions and technologies
•    Commercial uses of AR
•    Educational use of AR. (#2)
•    Research methodologies for AR
•    Medical uses of AR. (#5)
•    Defense related AR
•    Standards and tools for AR (#3)
•    What should CIOs know about AR
•    The relation of Mobile and AR
•    Web and AR, WebGL, Edb3D, etc.
•    And more…

How to Submit:
Authors/Presenters: Send 2-3 page description with one-page bio and background to [email protected].

Submission by authors: Oct 19, 11:59 EST (New York time)
Decision to authors: By Oct 21, 11:59 EST (New York time)

How to Register:
Please register soon; space is limited.
You can register to this event in three ways (a) as part of your ICIS registration or (b) just for the workshop (c) fax based registration.

(a) The registration for ICIS 2012 including the AR workshop (you will see it in the list on ancillary events) is now open at, choose the first option. You must use your AIS member information to log in and register.

(b) You can attend just the AR workshop — register here and choose the second option.

(c)  If you need fax based registration go here: third option (this is NOT recommended).

We look forward to seeing you in Orlando!

Yesha Sivan
Professor and Head of the Management Information System Program
Tel Aviv Academic College
Managing Editor, The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research

Shu Schiller
Associate Professor
Department of Information Systems & Operations Management
Raj Soin College of Business
Wright State University

Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah
Professor of Business & Information Technology
Department of Business & Information Technology
Missouri University of Science and Technology


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