Smarting Government: From IT Doers to IT Leaders (ICA Open Keynote)

Left to right: James Kang, Government CIO, Singapore, Costas Agrotis, Director, Department of Information Services, Cyprus; Andy Nelson, Government CIO, UK; Nachman Oron, Executive Strategic Consultant, Government of Israel; Carmela Avner, Government CIO, Israel 

I had the great pleasure to give the opening keynote for the ICA conference which was held in Israel.

The International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration (ICA) is a non-profit international association founded in 1986. It promotes and facilitates the informal exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences on the management, organizational impact and use of information technology (IT) in central government administration. Annual conferences, study groups, regular publications and frequent contacts between ICA members and associates are used to achieve ICA’s goals.
My talk abstract:
Opening Keynote: “Smarting Government: From IT Doers to IT Leaders”
IT is moving from back office to the front office. In many settings — including Government and public services — the organization depends more and more on IT-based processes. In this talk, Prof. Sivan will cover 10 critical lessons that turn IT doers into IT Leaders. Examples include: What are the skills, and mental models needed for the Government CIO?  What are the governance models that match long term prosperity? And what does research tell us about short term vs. long term IT based innovations?
My key points:
  1. Understand the strategic cycle.
  2. Build IT as an innovation infrastructure.
  3. Use cloud as more than a new kind of servers.
  4. Learn and Use the language of CXO.
  5. Push “money” as tool.
  6. Disconnect Data and Applications.
  7. Do Not Fail!
  8. Work from a big picture view.
  9. Build from the centricity of IT.
  10. Get/Make good people (shameless plug!).
If you participated in the presentation please drop me a line and and I will share the PDF. (yesha.sivan AT g mail) [you know how it ends.. and want to make it hard for spam engines to find my email).

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