Yesha’s talk: Augmenting Museums

I had the pleasure of talking at EVA / MINERVA 2012 conference ( – The 9th Jerusalem Conference on the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage. This annual, international event for professionals in Cultural Heritage and Advanced Technologies focuses on advanced technologies and the augmentation, preservation, access, and the dissemination of cultural heritage through education and training in information and communication technologies (ICT) — the place where cultural heritage in Europe and in Israel and technologies intersect.

This is the feedback I got from Co-chair Dr. Susan Hazan about my lecture Connecting 3D3C – 3D, Community, Creation and Commerce

“Yesha left our audience literally dumbstruck!  I am not sure if it was the breathtaking pace, his spirited delivery, or simply the eye-opening glimpse into accessible, augmented reality – what ever happened in that half hour left our audiences informed, delighted, and truly inspired!”

If you want a PDF copy of the presentation, please send email to yesha.sivan AT metaverse-labs DOT com.

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