WIX Hackathon: March 7-9 2013 ​Call for developers to make money

Wix, is a power house, in the web ecosystem. Via Wix, over 30 million sites were created. and Wix — if you did not know — is an Israeli company. I had the great pleasure to visit last week.

This year, Wix has gone the next step, and has created an the Wix app market where 3rd parties can create AND SELL apps to Wix site.

In the Hackathon, you will first learn how to build the apps, and then … build them.

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Thursday, March 7 – Pre Hackathon workshop​
18:00     Meet up and drinks
18:30     David Schwartz – Wix App Market – designing the right App to win
19:00     Yoav Abrahami – Working with Wix SDK
21:00     Drinks and mingling – Start crafting your ideas and building your teams.

​​Friday, March 8 – First day​

10:00     Get together and breakfast

11:00     Opening
11:30     Entrepreneurs and innovators pitches. 1 minute each!!!
12:30    L​unch and Team up!
19:00     Dinner

​Saturday, March 9 – Second day

10:00    Breakfast

12:30    Lunch
17:00     Last chance to submit App
18:00    Demos
19:30    Winners announced
20:00    Food, drinks and after party

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